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Theis Precision Steel USA Quality Policy
To meet or exceed customer requirements in a timely, safe and competitive manner.  To be specialists in manufacturing high carbon and precision stainless steel strip through continuous improvement as the result of ongoing review, training and communication.

Engineered Steels from Theis Precision Steel USA
Theis Precision Steel USA is dedicated to the design and production of high quality engineered steel. The concept behind engineered steel is to design and deliver a base material which improves the function of your end product. By including characteristics of the finished part such as heat treating or surface finishing in the base material, it may be possible to reduce the number of manufacturing processes required to create a part. By participating as a manufacturing partner in the design and production planning stage and using our experience to match the characteristics of our steel exactly to your application, we can help you deliver the highest quality products faster and at a lower cost.

The following information introduces the wide range of Theis standard and custom engineered steels, and offers guidelines for identifying and specifying the material tailored to your requirements.

Predesigned Engineered Steel:
These products are designed to provide superior performance in the manufacture of certain standard parts. There are specific grades of each material available which can be customized, and if one of these products meets your requirements, much of the engineering is already done, bringing you closer to production.

Custom Engineered Steel:
Theis metallurgical engineers analyze your requirements based upon the cold rolled steel specifications you supply, and specify the exact steel for your application. To assist you, this specification process is carefully described in this web site, and should you require further guidance, a knowledgeable Theis expert is always available to answer your questions.

At Theis Precision Steel USA we pride ourselves on having the stock on hand for fast service, the knowledge to match your technical requirements, and the facilities to produce the highest quality product to your exact specifications.

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